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🚀 Gear Up for Adventure with Our Helmet Cam! 🎥

Embark on thrilling escapades and capture every exhilarating moment with our cutting-edge FHD Helmet Cam. 🌟


Crystal-Clear Footage: Experience the action like never before with QHD 2K at 30fps or FHD 1080P at 30fps and a blazing fast 60fps. The powerful SONY IMX307 Sensor ensures stunning visuals, making every adventure a cinematic masterpiece.


Wide-Angle Vision: Immerse yourself in the scene with a 150º wide-angle lens. Our Helmet Cam provides an expansive view, ensuring you capture the full spectrum of your journey.


Loop Your Adventures: Don't miss a second of the action! The loop recording feature ensures continuous filming, seamlessly overwriting older footage. Focus on the adventure, and let the Helmet Cam take care of the recording.


Expandable Storage: Never worry about running out of space. The Helmet Cam supports up to 128GB, giving you the freedom to document extended explorations and store your favorite moments.


Wireless Freedom with Wi-Fi: Stay connected on the go! Our Helmet Cam's Wi-Fi function lets you easily transfer and view footage directly on your mobile device. Share your epic experiences instantly with friends and relive the thrill anytime, anywhere.


Extended Adventures, Extended Battery: Fuel your passion with up to a remarkable 4-hour battery life. The Helmet Cam keeps pace with your adventures, ensuring you never miss a moment.


🌐 Order Now and Capture Your Adventures in Stunning Detail!


Gear up, buckle in, and let the adventures begin with our DB-5 Helmet Cam.


DB-5 2K Waterproof Helmet Camera

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