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🌟 Introducing HIVE BSM: Elevate Your Riding Experience with Revolutionary Safety! 🏍️🚨

Price Inclusive of Installation & 12 Months Warranty!


Ride with confidence as a revolutionary safety companion arrives on our shores! Say hello to HIVE BSM, equipped with advanced radar sensors designed to detect vehicles in your blind spot area, ensuring increased safety and peace of mind on every journey.


Key Features:


✅ Dimension: Compact design measuring 121.6mm x 56.5mm x 45.3mm for seamless integration with your bike.


✅ Advanced BSM Module: Equipped with two BSM modules (1TX, 2RX each) for enhanced detection accuracy.


✅ Power LED Warning Display: Stay informed with a clear visual indication on the warning display.


✅ Waterproof Excellence: Boasting an IPX7 waterproof rating, HIVE BSM is ready to withstand the elements.


✅ Voltage Compatibility: Operates efficiently at DC9-16V, ensuring compatibility with a range of motorcycles.


✅ Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Consuming less than 500mA at 12V for optimal efficiency.


✅ Radar Sensor Frequency: Operating at 24.00-24.25GHz for precise vehicle detection.


✅ Transmitting Power: 11dbm (typical) for reliable signal transmission.


✅ Enhanced Frame Rate: A rapid 20Hz frame rate ensures real-time monitoring of your surroundings.


✅ Advanced Modulation Mode: Utilizing MFSK modulation for superior signal integrity.


✅ Wide-Angle Detection: Boasting a 70° horizontal and 30° vertical angle for comprehensive coverage.


✅ Speed and Distance Accuracy: Detecting relative speeds up to ±100km/h with distance accuracy of ±0.4m/±5%.


✅ Swift Detection Response: Responds in just 300ms, ensuring timely alerts for enhanced safety.


✅ Temperature Resilience: Operates flawlessly in a broad temperature range from -40~+80°C.


✅ Robust Storage Conditions: Withstands storage temperatures from -40~+85°C, ensuring durability.


🚀 Elevate your riding experience with HIVE BSM – Where Safety Meets Innovation! 🚀


🔧 Price Inclusive of Installation & Backed by a 12-Month Warranty!


Ready to ride with confidence? Secure your HIVE BSM now!


$499.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
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